“What is the Patreon level at which one can get [outlandish thing]?”
“Go back and listen to episode…”
Shouting HEEEY OOHHH after a your mom joke
“Jim, where is [very easy country]?”
Crazy Nick's crazy fitness
Boy scouts
Reference the Discord
1920’s Nick voice
Grandiose sense of self
Book that is not Dadvice
Soft "yeah"
Jim tried a new thing (bidet, nose hose thing, hot sauce)
Battlefield Earth
Laughing and continuing the Patreon joke during HappyBanjo.mp3
Rant about the mental health profession
Jacob wins trivia
Water shut-off valve
“Aww shit” about the trivia topic
“Wait, what was the question?”
Mispronounced name
"You've just been life coached!"
Double down on unbelievably bad gamble
Original idea and graphics by Mayor Manu
Sexy code guy stuff by First Lady Jim
Thanks for testing by Scarlet, Alec, and Anonymouse
Extra special thanks to A Sunny Boy for un-fucking my code and generously teaching along the way